Friday, September 30, 2016

May Peace Prevail in your life and all of humanity!

The Power within healing codes is beyond human measure. Tuning forks release the vibration of the Divine through you as you view a sacred code, affirm your healing and listen quietly to the Sacred Sounds of the Orchestra of Overtones. They create a resonance of pure healing.
During our Code of Healing Class, the third level group are coming together with the Holy Spirit to connect with the Sacred Intention to create codes. The class was asked to work in the Higher Realms to gain wisdom for a code for Peace for our whole world. This is the blessing of the Code to be viewed by all that will stir the power of Peace and will create a wave of energy that releases Peace around our world.


Affirmation: I AM PEACE! In the stillness of peace, the fire of Spirit ignites through Allness and releases blessings of love to humanity. Wholeness exists in Oneness. In our center-point, we create the Cause and release the Effect of Peace. In our Oneness we recognize The Messiah and know: I AM PEACE!

Audio Recordings 

note: I will be converting the audio from .wav files to MP3's in the near future.

YouTube video

Shamanic Codes, utilizing Sacred Cryptograms and Tuning Forks that manifest the Universal Sounds as Tones of Healing, is the Original Work of Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D., Master Healer/Teacher. To learn of classes to be presented, please contact her at 719-345-3444 or via email at May Peace Prevail in your life and all of humanity!